In 2017 doctors will diagnose

Approximately 87110
cases of melanoma in the US


When diagnosed at an early stage

Melanoma is almost
always curable


Every Hour One Person Dies From Melanoma.

Our mission is to improve
the care of melanoma patients.


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MMP Administrative Office

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It is the mission of the Midwest Melanoma Partnership to facilitate the sharing of ideas, clinical trials and resources in an effort to improve the diagnosis, treatment and long-term care of melanoma patients.

Download the MMP App

The My Melanoma apP (MMP) is an app designed to help patients manage side effects while undergoing therapy for melanoma. The app is free and can be easily downloaded from the app store or google play.

Useful Links

Here you will find additional information from other organizations that may help you during a melanoma diagnosis or search for additional information about melanoma.

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The work of the Midwest Melanoma Partnership is made possible through our sponsors and charitable giving of our donors.

Patient Stories

Meet Pat- Pat is a recent 5 year survivor of melanoma- For more on his journey click here. Meet Jay- Jay is a patient advocate and was a caregiver to his father until he passed away from melanoma in 2011.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies that involve people. They are the final step in a long process that begins with laboratory research and testing in animals.


Have some Questions?

The Midwest Melanoma Partnership (MMP) is a Multi-Institutional collaboration of physicians, scientists and patient advocates dedicated to the development of improved therapies for patients with malignant melanoma.

The Midwest Melanoma Partnership was formed in March 2012 and had its inaugural group meeting in Iowa City, IA on March 23, 2012.

There are 19 full member sites.

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